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  • BomberBlitz Player Sponsorship for 2017

    In again!
  • #6 Joe Daniher - General Soreness, escalate to Full Panic Mode

    This is very smart by the club. They give him 3 months off kicking and when he starts kicking again he has to completely relearn the skill. Only this time he learns to kick straight as an arrow when shooting for goal. Winning!
  • BBFFL#2 2016 Discussion

    I like these developments. When do we start doing league stuff again?
    I will post some dates shortly. Trades are open for business at the moment - with a caveat we are yet to see UF's final positions. Past experience suggests they basically conform with those allocated by Champion Data, especially for those players already in the AFL system.
  • EPL 2016/17

    Liverpool to play wolves
    If we can get past the Pilgrims
  • BBFFL#2 2016 Discussion

    I have had some downtime at work the last couple of days. Here is a sample of some data I have managed to collate. This is example is for my team. I have same information for every coach though. Just trying to work out the best way to present it.

    Conargo Bulls
    Team Results
    Matches Played 95
    Wins 32
    Losses 63
    Draws 0
    Finals Matches Played 0
    Finals Wins 0
    Finals Losses 0
    Finals Draws 0
    Average Score 1253

    Other Match Data
    Best Result season 9
    Worst Result season 18
    Highest score 1550
    Lowest Score 852
    Longest Winning Streak 0
    Longest Losing Streak 5
    Finals Appearances 0
    Premierships 0
    Wooden Spoon 1

    Players Used 100
    Games Record Holder Mitch Wallis
    Most Games 79
    50 Game Players 9
    100 Game Players 0

    Ladder Position
    2012 Finish 12
    2013 Finish 18
    2014 Finish 17
    2015 Finish 14
    2016 Finish 9