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  • Fantasy Draft Prep

    PM me, I have some stuff
    How to not win a final?
  • The Cricket Thread

    In Sri Lanka at the moment watching the T20 - hoping for a win so I can go to the beach tomorrow.
  • BBFFL#2 2017 Discussion

    Thanks Sal - a bit difficult coordinating this from the beach in Sri Lanka!
  • BBFFL#2 2017 Discussion

    Well that stole my thunder!! But it's with great pleasure we welcome Ivan to BBFFL#2. Personally I think it's a great addition to the league and Ivan is someone who will being another dimension to the league. He is under no illusions that there is a big task at hand but he has assured me he is up for the challenge.

    So once again welcome Ivan.
  • BBFFL#2 2017 Discussion

    It'd be a bit rich to want to give the new coach concessions when everyone pillaged his team mercilessly for years and didn't seem to care too much or bat an eyelid. Those were some of the most one sided trades I've ever seen, Pazza's doing his squad a service by leaving.

    I agree with this to a point - I never traded with Paz because it felt like everyone was taking advantage of him. But at least those coaches were taking advantage of
    him, not the innocent new coach.

    His squad is truly dire. There's about 10 reasonable keepers in there, the rest wouldn't be redrafted before round 6. That's a huge disadvantage for the new coach - I doubt cafe's or SB's starting squads were nearly that bad, though I'm prepared to be proven wrong on that.

    I don't have the exact figures but my squad was the bottom of the ladder when I took back over so I reckon mine was pretty poor. I had players which averaged 50 that I had to keep.

    You also had the bones of a squad that had played finals 2 years earlier. There was still some young talent there to be traded which is what I believe you have done.

    Realistically other than 4 or 5 players there is no one of real value with the squad that is left. But as pointed out Pazza has never won a wooden spoon and has always managed to win a few games.

    So given the group consensus is to let its run the course so that's what it will be. The new coach will have pick 2 and 20 as a starting point. At the moment the other picks are - 38,56,74,92,108,110,128,146,164.

    Now it's just a matter of finding someone willing to take the long hard road to success.