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  • #23 David Myers' Fragile Tendons

    "Myersy" is a real stretch Dyse.
    He'd probably be better off just changing it to Mysery. :(
  • JLT v Filth - Review Thread

    I am a massive Tippa fan, but i just don't see it with him up forward. I think it's a waste having someone who can hit teammates lace out up forward.

    half back for mine, floating through the midfield

    I disagree personally. As much as he looked flashy last year and setup run for us, his opponents were often scoring goals freely. I remember last year with the GWS game people were raving about Walla and I was a little confused as Green was BOG - his opponent. Think we have some half backs that can create some run and from what I saw of Walla in intra-club games he was improving the art of small forward significantly. For me Woosha coaching how Green, Walla and Fantasia can play in the same area is the next level. I would be keen to have Walla run up as a high small forward and Mid relief and Fantasia and Green a bit deeper scoring.

    no doubt he still needs to improve his defensive play, i imagine just year was about teaching him to take the game on and back his skill set.

    for me would seem odd to have said last year, go back yourself, take the game on etc etc with little to no backup to this year getting more players back and in theory better more mature ones around the whole ground, to now turn around and say, oh we need you up forward.

    With no other thought than it seems logical, i'd have thought playing forward last week was more about his management in general, and giving guys like jerrett and mcgrath a run down back to see how they go in a game.
    I'd still be assuming, again with no inside knowledge or that, come rd 1 tippa is lining up on the hbf, no questions asked (unless injured or underdone).
    Personally I doubt that. I think they moved him forward last year after he started being found out defensively, and I think forward is his go. He had a bad night last Thursday, but as CameronClayton said you don't expect all your small forwards to fire every week. Walla has shown he can perform on the forward line, and he adds pace and precision through there. He's played forward all preseason, and they've been trying out other guys in defence like Jerret and Stanton. I don't see any reason why his shift forward isn't a permanent move.

    If you want to add pace down back, put in McKenna. Who can run, is a good kick and has a better air game than Walla. No need to hurt the forward line taking Walla out.
  • Dustin Martin


    - we have 1 million spare in the salary cap
    - Nat Fyfe has just re-signed with Freo
    - Anyone else worth pursuing has re-signed
    - We have already signed up all our young guns on longterm deals

    Would you sign Martin on a 3-4 year deal on a million a season or no?

    To me it's a no brainer.


    Heppel, Merrett and parish will be our A grade mids. Plus there's a couple on the list who could join them in being very good mids. I think our midfield is looking very healthy for the future. If we did have a spare mill, it's probably better spent elsewhere. A true A grade ruckman, or a key forward so hooker can go back. Despite the endless jokes on blitz, an AA quality hbf would help enormously too.

    I thought I covered all bases when I said
    Fyfe wasn't available and all our young guns were signed up....because there isn't anyone else valuable to sign! Honestly the only available blokes that are young enough and good enough to want to attract to the club are Fyfe, Martin, Bruest, S.Motlop, Ports Trengove and Gold Coast's Rory Thompson. We haven't attracted any decent to the club over the last decade other than Goddard. Could do a lot worse than giving the guy who came 3rd in Brownlow a chance for a couple years.
    Fyfe: The current rumour today is that Fyfes manager is shopping him around in Melbourne for $1.2 fwiw.
    Martin: No way

    Where did you get this from?

    The best in the business, newshound Sam McLure on
    SEN as I drove to work. He stated this as a fact, I call it a rumour. Its out there.

    PS. I see its in print in the Age under his name. Certainly is out there.
    Even if totally true, it doesn't mean his manager isn't just trying to get an offer of $1.2m accepted in Victoria, so Freo will sign for $900k.
  • #29 - Patrick Ambrose

    He wasn't playing on medium forwards last year. He was playing on guys like Lynch.
  • #29 - Patrick Ambrose

    Zac Dawson has played in multiple grand finals off the back of defending.