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  • #2 Tom Bellchambers

    Bloody hell. What is it with us and tall guys? Gumby, Belly, Laycock, Darcy Daniher, Pears.
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    Hooker would have to be the most improved player at the club, from where he was in his first few years to an All Australian is nothing but amazing.....respect to the guy.

    Credit to the coaches that believed in him aswell.

    I think that completely undersells the clear talent he showed early on. Some people only see the bad never the good

    Ok genius.

    Hardly, I just thought he showed something early on even though his kicking and decision making let me down early which is all a lot of others focused on.

    So you watched a struggling pick 54 that we were willing to package off too the Gold Coast and you thought that we have an All Australian backman on our hands here ?
    Ah, maybe not the AA part but there were certainly people on Blitz who rated Hooker at the time and thought what we were offering up for Caddy was ridiculous overs. Remembering of course that at the time Hurley was a forward, so Hooker and Carlisle were pretty much it for our tall defenders - that certainly did factor in. But people did rate Hooker from the start.
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    After reading all these posts, three things surprise me about the back-line choices:

    1. The high number of punters who put Walla on a half-back flank;
    2. The almost unanimous selection of Baguley in the back pocket; and
    3. The general amnesia with regard to McKenna, who was in fantastic form by the end of 2016.

    For my money, at the start of the season, Walla will play forward, McKenna will be a lock on the HBF (or perhaps on the wing), and Baguley will start the year in the Magoos.

    The spine will be Hartley, Hurley, Watson, Daniher and Hooker.

    For the first round or two, the pockets, flanks and wings will have mainly 2016 players: a large number of 2015 first-choice players will begin the year in the Magoos and will only find their way into the 1st team gradually, as dictated by injury and form.

    Heppell is a lock, but Stanton, Myers, Colyer, Hocking and Bellchambers may well miss out on the first couple of matches..

    I believe Woosha will start with the best 18 from 2016 plus 4 of the returning scapegoats (Hurley, Watson, Hooker and Heppell), 3 of whom are key position players.

    None of the new recruits — not even the cousin McGrath — will start the year in the Ones. We have enough to sort out with the banned and the 2016 lads getting used to each other, without complicating the matter further by throwing the new young greenhorns straight into the big time, no matter how good they are.

    What's more surprising is you NOT thinking Baguley is deserving of a spot in our best team as a back pocket.

    Baguley would be the second defender picked after Hurley and is a certainty if fit. He has returned from injury in great condition and was excellent in the practice match yesterday.

    Likewise Colyer is an absolute lock, an outside midfielder/forward and one of the few players in the team with genuine line breaking pace.

    I agree with you on Mckenna though, I think he could easily start the year in the best 22

    McGrath is the only one of the first year players I could see getting a game straight up, but that's no certainty.

    I think there could well be most of the returning players starting the year in the team, more of a show of faith than anything else. How it works out as the year goes on I don't think anybody has a great idea, not even the selection panel

    I have no issue with the "tractors" as Bluey calls them coming back and lifting the contested /clearance performance of the inside midfield.
    But including older, slower albeit very skilled players as outside mids is an absolute no no imo. No way BJ or Stants play on a wing when the inside mids are tractors. Zerret, Parish, Fanta, Trav, Conor, Zaka, and maybe not in round 1 but later McGrath. These are the guys we need on the outside for spread, overlap run , run and carry .
    Which ignores that Stanton has been one of our main sources of overlapping run for the last decade.

    I think most of the guys will be back because we were a wooden spoon team without them. We desperately need 5-6 of them in the midfield to strengthen an area we got absolutely carved up in last year.
  • Welcome to Essendon? - Yestin Eades

    What is all this nashing of teeth over keeping him? The club gave him a two year contract. I like that they stick with what they said, to him or others like Aylett. I didn't think what we did with Lucy was right. Stick with your word, just shift them to the rookie list. They're still getting fully paid, and have a chance to prove you wrong.
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    For me, Goddard's role within the team and the level he plays at in 2017 is going to be an intriguing thing to follow.

    Is that a nice way of saying he could be cooked ?

    Hahaha well played Sir.

    But no, that wasn't my intention. Whilst I do have some fears that he is showing signs of decline it's really in his hands from here. He could have a cracking year.

    As long as his footskills don't betray him then he can still be a positive force for us on field. If and when they drop off I think he's in strife as other areas of his game can potentially make him a liability. I refer mainly to his lack of defensive accountability and the speed (lack of) which he covers the ground and gets to contest to contest.

    We know how strong he has been for the club off field since walking into such a turbulent situation, and he's got everyone's respect for that. Good luck to him for season 2017. It is a good situation for the team to have some of the guys @ivan mentioned in his post, applying pressure for spots.

    I'm not sure HBF is BJ's best position for next year. Kelly, Dea, Gleeson and McKenna have shown they are more than capable in the role. With Kelly's elite decision making and skills, McKenna and Gleesons run, and Dea's intercepting, we are in a pretty good place. Also we have a young fella that migh do well when he gets the chance, in ooh ahh McGrath.

    BJ would be best suited as a HFF with his elite disposal and decision making something we crave at the front end. His finishing skills are still amongst the best in the team, and while he may be slowing down a bit, he may still improve our team by being stationed across half forward, hitting targets inside 50 and pinch hitting in the middle if needed.

    Just my opinion of course, interested to see how it plays out.
    I just don't see Goddard as a forward. I don't think he's any good in the air, runs to the wrong places, is slow, and offers no defensive pressure.