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  • Like a final. sideshow bob looking freak monstering stein to give roos the win? BRING IT OOOOONNNNNNNNNNN
  • Think you'll find this country went to **** when all the manufacturing was exported. Also think you'll find the country went to **** when silver spooners started making decisions. Have these fuckwits never worked **** dead end jobs in their life?
    in Politics Comment by Barnz 5:31AM
  • Breaking my little toe. It farking hurts to walk, and it ships me. oh my
    in What annoys you? Comment by Barnz 5:27AM
  • Got my seats this morning - M48 on the wing in MCC reserve.. First time as a MCC member. Stoked! YOU'RE PART OF THE PROB- ohh mcc not afl member, carry on.
    in March to the G Comment by Barnz 3:01AM
  • No Carrick or Miki for Sunday. we are ****
  • Chris mate. Crowy said hooker won't play until 3rd JLT match
  • Juan Don from Canberra. yeah **** you all with your puns.
  • The big boys retired too.
    in EPL 2016/17 Comment by Barnz February 22
  • gws' 3rds team smashed west coast.
  • It's such a stupid thing to do though. Like who bets on something where a willing human is needed for it to happen. There's better targets for the gambling commission to go after. Like bet365 stadium
    in EPL 2016/17 Comment by Barnz February 21
  • The big goalie bloke from Sutton who at the pasty is getting investigated by the Gambling Commission. **** fkg organisations making an example of small clubs is a fkg farce. As if any other club wouldn't sell out as a much as Sutton have to ensure …
    in EPL 2016/17 Comment by Barnz February 21
  • Apple Mint
    in Best Font Comment by Barnz February 21
  • Could you imagine trading in a player of dustin's calibre without getting Dustin the person. Dylan Shiel isn't he also a bit of a loose cannon.
  • Never eaten meat! You haven't lived. Its ok, his parents made lamb.
  • How many frees did he give away in the ruck, 5? Way too many. 2. He gave away 2 free kicks. That's a total of two. He gave away 5 free kicks. It might have been 2 in the ruck, but it was a total of 5. Source: the official match stats. I feel …
  • never seen a full episode or either How i Met your mother or Big Bang Theory never had a broken bone never watched game of thrones You are the bloke that rates Iron Man super highly, so theres that.
  • Last year you couldn't stream AFL to foxtel go on mobile. **** if i know whats the go now.
  • Id be putting myers in the fwd group, can HOOF a goal He was tried hbf early on and was ordinary defense wise iirc Myers looked a little shell shocked at Etihad. Based on how long it is since he played its totally understandable, he needs to p…
  • Haven't watched Titanic. Or Gone With The Wind. ...and...never will. I have never cheated in a game. Even playing monopoly, as a child, by myself, I never cheated. I never really learned to ride a bike. As a kid, my mum refused to get me one, be…
  • Could you imagine trading in a player of dustin's calibre without getting Dustin the person.
  • Catastrophic Engine failure is the term they are using .. cops etc. Think it failed, & he turned tight & tried to make a dash for the , (albeit pretty bloody small), rear car park, and hit the rear of the DFO just before reaching it. Edit:…
  • 90% of people leaving gws go to carlton.
  • Never rated her anyway.
    in F1 2017 Comment by Barnz February 20
  • Easy. Get a Mac. I might consider an Apple product, .. if they ever stop ripping everybody off. Apple and microsoft are both ****. I hate them. Try out Ubuntu then. Caveat, troubleshooting linux is equivalent to pulling nails. Shhh. Let her fi…
  • With no due respect. Wannabe Jr is a good player, but hes no first pick. Silly Billy Jr on the other hand is an out and out gun.
  • Just saw Split Lead actor was fantastic. Really good acting. Overall, I found the film (psychological thriller, so what did I expect?) disturbing but very good. Wife hated it. We worked out on the way home that the only movies she is ever going to…
  • The phone app has the club song, which I found useful the other day on the train - the bloke behind me playing videos at full volume got the hint. A few months ago I made a suggestion to "EFC listens" that they add an air-raid siren to the app so fa…
  • Interesting stat. In 2017 Millwall have beaten more premier league teams than Liverpool.
    in EPL 2016/17 Comment by Barnz February 20