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  • Official Essendon farks Fark Carlton thread

    I will raise a glass to this special comment from tanking Carlfark for the wole preseason

    "Today marked the end of an era. Never will we see the Essendon* Football Club at a lower ebb, or have a greater opportunity to humiliate them in kind as some form of retribution for what we've endured for 15 years. Yet we have continually failed to do so, consistently giving them their only joy and reason to smile. Today was the final rogering."

  • Jaeger O'Meara - Goodbye, farewell and Amen

    I hope the JOM trade falls through, Mitchell stays with the Swans and Tigers match the Vickery offer so Hawks have to pay to get him.
    I also hope Breust, Sicily and any others who have been rumoured to be up for trade crack the sads and want out.
    I also hope Hawks waste pick 14 on a player who never reaches high standards.
    I also hope Hawks get done for some form of cheating that far supasses anything we were rumoured to have done and they lose all their recent flags, Mitchell gets criminal charges against him for large scale drug dealing and Clarkson gets done as an accomplice.
    I also hope the Hawks crumble to the stage where they have to merge with Fark Carlton, move to New Zealand and the new merger team withers away into obscurity.
    Well, that was cathartic.........carry on
  • Jobe Watson

    Thighmosyn BETA

    What number does Jobe wear?
    Number "Phwoar" according to the ladies
  • Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish

    BUMP - just cos it's friggin awesome
  • Jobe Watson

    Find me another captain that could do what Jobe had done.
    I reckon TD would've shown similar strength. Due to the era he wouldn't have been as diplomatic though.
  • Welcome to Essendon, James Stewart


    The best KPF on the market who's reputation on here will now grow to insurmountable levels until he plays a game and he will then be forever compared to whoever gets taken with the pick we traded to get know, that bloke.
  • Trade Targets

    FF: McBean
    CHF: Joe
    Give McBean the flick
  • St Aaron de Francis and the Golden Calf.

    Has anyone made a broken franga joke yet?
    Damien Barrett's parents made a really bad one
  • Jobe Watson

    Being back in the country and finding himself a major topic in the news and on social media will have an impact on his decision. I reckon that being removed from the direct focus he would've copped if he stayed in Aus will now highlight the attention he is getting now.
    Jobe strikes me as relatively deep thinker and he would probably well and truly recognise there is more to life than footy. Even at the top of his game he was rarely in the spotlight off the field, so I can see him walking away.
    I admire and respect Jobe as much as I do Fletch and TD, who are my all time favourites.
    In the words of a very bearded man, I hope Jobe does whatever makes Jobe happy.
  • Actual happenings (and actual speculation)

    In a Galaxy far, far away a man puts on another Jacket and prepares to enter the chaos of trade week.
    So he's in Dubbo and you finally heard something??