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  • #18 Michael Hurley

    Caught up with a mate yesterday who in the past week had shared lunch with both Dodoro and Connors - separately of course.

    These were key comments he made:
    -Hurley is 99% certain to stay at Essendon - as quoted by Connors. Just waiting to get back from overseas
    -Hibberd is more up in the air and even Connors doesn't know what he is doing
    -Jackets thinks Connors hates Essendon given the work he has done the last few years. Connors' response to this was to laugh it off and say this completely wasn't the case, but he could completely understand how that perception had come to be given the players he had moved on from the club in the last few seasons
  • Welcome to Essendon - Dylan Clarke

    Numbers 18 and 5 holding onto the Cup. Oh how very 2000 of them.
  • #18 Michael Hurley

    As I said, someone who is in the know and who met with Connors last week confirmed Hurley is 99% certain to stay at Essendon. The final announcement is just waiting for him to get back from overseas. The 1% relates to the chance he is forced into retirement after getting bloated from eating too much of the bull he destroyed when running with the beast.
  • Match Day Thread - Rd 23 v Farketh thy Carlton

    Zach Merrett's 16 possession today now means he has had the most ever possession for an Essendon player in a single season. He has gone past Jobe's Brownlow winning year total of 638.
  • #23 David Myers' Fragile Tendons

    As I alluded to the other day in another thread, a very reliable source informed me that a key board member has facilitated employment with his former employer for Myers to ensure a smooth transition into a professional career post footy. The same offer was made to Colyer. I believe these offers were very important when it came to ensuring both re-signed.
  • Zerrett #7

    Zach's 16 possession today now means he has had the most ever possession for an Essendon player in a single season. He has gone past Jobe's Brownlow winning year total of 638.

    Amazing effort for a 20 year old. Absolute gun.
  • Welcome to Essendon - Gach Nyuon

    What an idiot.

    Seriously if you're a speculative pick in an AFL draft, you're not playing in the firsts despite them being dead last and a top up grandpa named Jamar is playing ahead of you, why would you even think of doing this?

    I don't think there's much going on upstairs.
    So as a 19 year old you never did anything you regret? If you did I'm sure you weren't thinking about the consequences at the time. I'm sure a lot of people around here have done things they that they regret doing. This isn't to say we have all done things on the same scale as in this instance.

    But in all reality he is just a young man. Clearly he has stuffed up and will pay some sort of penalty. If he continues to do things like this then it is an issue but if this is a one off then it has been a great learning curve.
  • Jobe Watson

    I like the name of his coffe shop.

    photo image_zps6d2eub2f.png
  • Welcome to Essendon - Dan Jordan

    I went to school with Dan or Danny as we used to call him. He was a super talent but IMO he just didn't quiet have the drive to make it to the AFL. He played for Victoria at primary school level. When I first met him in year 9 he was a rover. He then grew heaps and really quickly which caused injury issues. He didn't really play again until year 12, by which time he was a key forward. In an APS school premiership team he was one of the guns. The highlight was kicking 16 one game against the reining premiers.

    After school he had a crack at VFL and played ammos at St Bernard's. He spent a few years over in the WAFL - played for South Fremantle from memory. Then he came back to Ballarat and played for East Point. He dominated out of the square as massively imposing full forward. On the side he had an interest in a Ballarat Pub and his main job was running sporting tours following the Aussie cricket team around. I actually sat next to him at Lords during the 2009 Ashes.

    All in all an interesting appointment. He loves footy and would really enjoy the coaching nurturing part of the development role.

    Best of luck to him.
  • Welcome to Essendon - Gach Nyuon

    AFL trying to deflect the Talia situation. Suddenly Gach is being charged with "threat to kill" despite being arrested for drunk an disorderly.

    Yep. amazing. It's the first story up on the site. Talia sighted nowhere.
    Just had a look at AFL site - not one reference to Talia on the front page, let alone the story that he was with Jono O'Rourke from Hawthorn at the time. Yet Gach is front and centre. It's any wonder we are cynical.