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  • Rocky

    At a cost of #38, he'd have to be an axe murderer for me to turn it down.
  • #22 - Jake Carlisle: Gone

    So what I miss?
    There was some talk of him going.
    Some talk of him staying.
    Some talk that if he left he was useless, a bastard and we wouldn't miss him.
    Some talk that if he stayed he's the messiah.
    Some talk that if he left he was useless, a bastard, we wouldn't miss him and we should get pick #1 and Yarran for him
    A lot of talk that Yarran was crap
    Some talk that Yarran is just mis-understood and in a bad team and will come good with the right environment
    Some talk that Carlisle loved Hird and is now going
    Some talk that Carlisle hated Hird and was going
    Some talk that he'll end up at Carlton, St Kilda or the Bulldogs.
    Most people with rumours got jumped on.

    And there was an in-depth, detailed analysis of the game of Golf.

    Have I missed anything?
  • Welcome to Essendon, James Stewart

    I don't know how good he is, or have seen him play (beyond the youtube clips posted). But a few thoughts:

    • Fits a need, which is for more talls/tall depth. If he's only depth it isn't the worst move assuming he's cheap.
    • It would be hard to get a go at GWS behind Lobb, Patton and Cameron
    • Case in point - Tomlinson also dominated NEAFL, couldn't get in. Suddenly got a shot and has looked perfectly capable in a finals side.
    • GWS let Jaksch and Bruce (under pressure) go. They kept Stewart. That's a good sign.
    I'm hopeful.
  • Draft wrap up

    time will tell, but reckon we blew a monster opportunity to set the clubs midfield up for the next decade.

    so much hinges on how our later picks pan out...
    How? I'm seriously curious about this.

    We got the guy who dominated Division 1 champs for clearances in the winning side (Clarke). We got the guy who dominated Division 2 in the same way, and is meant to be a clean user inside/outside (Mutch). We got one of the dominant midfielders of the TAC who had more clearances than McCluggage despite spending some time in defence, and who can break lines and is a clean ball user (McGrath). We got a guy who can legitimately kick bags as a small forward, but also go into the midfield and still get goals.

    The last guy isn't a mid, but did win the combine goal kicking, and may be the guy to shred a team's zone - which indirectly aids the midfield.

    So I find your comment interesting as it feels to me the midfield was the focus. Especially boosting our future clearance ability.
  • Training Wednesday 14/12/16

    Jackie, back in 2014 with bomber in charge I'm pretty sure the pre-season expectations from the coaching panel were for top 4. Obviously it didn't work out that way but it was our best year in recent times. I know you and Karma were bigger fans of Bomber than Hird.

    How does the training this pre-season compare to the 2014 pre-season.

    Good question

    I see as the main differences:

    5) Hird was aloof and self centred and about the same standard as Buckley and Voss. He trained the players hard for the start of the season but they invariably fell away in the second half of the season.

    In sum we are better prepared than at the start of the 2014 pre season in my opinion.

    Hang on, but this place had him as the greatest coach ever had the media and asada not brought him down.

    No it didn't. Many criticised Hird and his coaching team for a few substantial and different reasons.

    edit, having said that, there are criticisms of worsfold to the same tune, so makes you wonder
    The thing with Hird was that his initial start wasn't particularly stronger than Knights, he had an improving list and should have started doing better (which they did), and the proof in the pudding would have been whether or not he could have achieved ultimate success. Which obviously got derailed. Its easy to get into a heated debate because without that decent period of (un-derailed) years, its hard to evaluate any coach unless they're unmitigated disasters or successes. Hird was kind of doing what the minimum expected was, without huge over/under achievement, with his real test still to come. So each person is going to have a different view of how that was tracking, partly based on their own views of the list and what should be achievable.

    In short - its a thorny issue evaluating him so its open to personal interpretation. Given the circumstances, it then becomes a touchy subject.
  • #49 Matt Dea - LOL Richmond

    A lot of people don't have him in the best 22, but I think he'll start the season on the ground. Good luck to him, he's battled hard.
  • Patton Pending

    I've got to admit, I'd prefer to midfielders over Patton. I don't think talls are a big demand, but we really need to be rebuilding the midfield. Especially with where GWS's and the Bulldogs are at. Those are the teams our midfield will need to beat in 2-3 years time (post Jobe/Hocking/Stanton/Goddard), and the more we can pump quality into it the better.
  • Rocky

    The issue is his salary it seems because all clubs would hand over a pick under 35 for him.

    Who will take on $800k. Nobody.

    Lions will have to part pay it for a year, and if they do they want a higher pick for him.
    Is it really $800k though? Players get paid that when they're the best player in a crap team that is leaking players, and they've got nobody else to pay. Does anyone really think Adelaide have that much cap space?
    Question, would you prefer to spend $800k on Rockliff a season and get him now or hold off until this time next year when we will be able to throw $1.2mil at the likes of Heeney, Fyfe, Shiel etc etc????
    Rockliff. Easy decision.

    Most of the time these targets don't eventuate. And when they do, they cost quite a bit (unless you're bloody Hawthorn). If we could get Rockliff now for certain, for pick #20, then even at $800k that is a damn bargain. Do it, lock it in, and let other clubs spend 2017 chasing their tales for guys most likely to actually stay at their club.

    We were meant to be close on Gaff. Close on JOM. Reiwoldt seriously considered us. But the reality is none did. And hell, we were meant to be into JOM for over 12 months!
  • Draft wrap up

    Im pretty sure if you went back and got Geelong's 2001 draftees pre-draft descriptions, most here would read them as vanilla and not too different to these players descriptions. Not to say they'll turn out like Bartel, Kelly, Gardiner, Johnson and Ablett, but that they don't have to be excitement machines or full of x-factor to be successes.

    Time will tell.
  • #1 Andy Mcgrath - Shoulda picked Wannabe Jnr

    Seriously Blitz??? I generally love the humour but this thread has crossed the line. Not funny.

    And crossed the line?

    This 'line' that people speak of seems to be getting more and more restrictive with each passing year.
    Soon we'll be limited to just saying hello and goodbye to each other so as not to potentially cross the line and cause unintended offense......
    1000 years ago it was fine to rape and pillage, and leave mentally/physically handicapped babies on mountain tops.
    300 years ago it was fine to keep black people as slaves, force marriages, and execute gays.
    100 years ago woman and indigenous peoples couldn't vote, couldn't get jobs and abuse of children/spouses within marriage was the way it was.
    50 years ago it was still fine to take indigenous kids off their parents, women could vote and get jobs but people could (and did) face rampant discrimination on the basis of race/sexuality/gender.
    Today we're a lot better but still have many old stereotypes existing and continue to have discrimination.

    Of course we're going to keep moving the line. So that one day we might actually exist in an even society.