Season 2017 - Brisbane

First one of the new season. Few things for the newcomers. Don't expect 100% accuracy because my research involves having 5 tabs open whilst I type it up and working on the rough vibe of what I remember from last season. It is little more than a conversation starter.

Coach – Chris Fagan

Points For – 14th
Points Against – 18th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

1. Dayne Zorko
2. Mitch Robinson
3. Stefan Martin
4. Pearce Hanley
5. Tom Rockliff

2016 Rising Star Noms


Ins – Hugh McLuggage, Jarrod Berry, Alex Witherden, Cedric Cox, Jacob Allison, Corey Lyons, Jake Barrett, Mitchell Hinge, Oscar McInerny, Jack Frost

Outs – Justin Clark, Trent West, Daniel Merrett, Jaden McGrath, Josh Green, Jackson Paine, Hugh Beasley, Billy Evans, Josh Watts, Josh McGuiness, Pearce Hanley

My Prediction

You can certainly see some sort of light at the end of the tunnel for Brisbane but there is still a long way to go, they certainly didnt have a good year with injury last year but in the end they still only missed the spoon by a slither of percentage to a team most experts thought would be lucky to win a game.

The forward line is building. They have a good one in Schache who impressed with his development last year. He needs support though and they will be hoping someone like Walker will continue his development. They are ok for small forwards and I dont think they will miss Green too much despite his efforts before this year. Zorko is a gun although may spend more time in the middle this year. They will want a lot more from Christensen who seemed to take a gap year.

The midfield is interesting as they certainly have some talent in there. Rockliff finds the ball like few others although there is still a question mark over whether he does enough damage with it. Also his attitude seems a permanent point of contention. Zorko will get more minutes through the middle, then you add in Beams who they desperately need to show why he was rated so highly and find some of that form he displayed at the Pies. McLuggage will get more minutes for the Lions that he would at any other team. Mathieson had a great first year as well. The midfield is still a work in progress but it is certainly looking like it is heading in the right direction.

With the rucks you have Martin who has been very good but it gets real skinny after that. They have Archie Smith who has 3 games to his name and then the guy who won the TV show. I feel like I am missing someone but if I am not, they will be praying Martin holds up.

The backline was terrible last year. The worst performed in the AFL and by a distance. They concended over 500 points more than the second worst defense. To call it a work in progress is an understatement. Picking up Frost from Collingwood is a good move and will support Andrews and Paparone. They are young though and will expect 2017 to still be a learning experience.

I dont know what to expect from the coach. I am not sure anyone does. He will be given the time and has obviously spent a lot of time with Clarkson which seems to be a prerequisite for becoming an AFL coach. I think he may be in the Richardson mold which may not be a bad thing.

Success this year would be avoiding the wooden spoon. Not sure they can do it. Their depth and level of talent just isnt where it needs to be. They will win a few games but are going to cop some absolute smashings as well. 18th for mine.


  • DiggersDiggers Tank fly boss walk jam nitty-gritty
    Screw Brisbane.
  • Blummers32Blummers32 Take my advice — I'm not using it
    I was amazed a few years back when Ryan Lester wasn't delisted.
    The fact he has not improved and still on their list is astounding. Their bottom 10 or so players have been the worst in the league for half a decade.

    They need a lot of help off the field. They have a half decent midfield (certainly better than Carlton's) but they've barely gotten them on the park for the past few years.

    They'll need a few preseasons before they can even consider getting anywhere close to the top eight.

    And that's only if they can hang on to the players they draft.

    I don't even know what Chris Fagan brings to the club as a head coach except hope that they turn into something resembling Hawthorn.

    They are a bottom two side definitely. They should improve by years end though.
  • IceTempleIceTemple Always Elite
    I think their biggest mistake was picking up a coach who hasn't coached in 10 years. For them i hope it works but I think it was terrible and just trying to jump on the Hawthorn "everyone who comes from them must be gold" bandwagon.

    What they require is a really solid good group of young players developing together, if they keep losing them and trying to top up they will remain bottom 4 for quite a few years. They have the right types in place now to make it work.
  • YossarianYossarian Follow AFL? No, I follow Essendon
    They drafted well but they are years away. Spoon.
  • Azza78Azza78 He's big, he's red, his feet hang off the bed!
    Diggers said:

    Screw Brisbane.


    **** Brisbane.
  • I think they are in for a lot of pain again this season.

    I will enjoy it
  • DeckhamDeckham Going down swinging
    Can't see them anywhere but 18th.
  • Who the fark is Chris Fagan?
  • DeckhamDeckham Going down swinging
    Heffsgirl said:

    Who the fark is Chris Fagan?

    Runs a shady alley gang of prepubescent thieves, I think.
  • They definetly took a punt of Fagan

    They always seem to draft the kids i want l, hope we get some of them back when homesickness kicks
  • Finishing 17th will be a win - Worst defensive side I've witnessed in the last 10 years - That includes the early years of GWS and GC.
  • Sameolds2010Sameolds2010 Everything is awesome
  • True_Value_BlitzerTrue_Value_Blitzer Irrelevant. Always
    Mongrel club
    Fold pls
  • When talking about their key forward prospects you quite rightfully mentioned Schache but I think Eric Hipwood also showed outstanding signs.

    He is a 200cm forward who is incredibly mobile and demonstrated this year that he can be a real aerial presence as well.

    If they are developed well, those two can be their key forwards for a decade.

    They drafted well (IMO) again this year.

    Definitely something to work with. But it won't come together consistently in 2017.

    Bottom few.
  • edited December 2016
    I think you've got a few things wrong here AB. First and foremost you seem to be talking about Brisbane instead of fark Carlton as the potential wooden Spooner. I think you need to have a GHLAY
  • AllblackAllblack Voice of Reason
    Carlton have spent two years building themselves into a team that could achieve mediocrity for some time to come
  • Allblack said:

    Carlton have spent two years building themselves into a team that could achieve mediocrity for some time to come

    You were going to open with that weren't you.
  • Allblack said:

    Carlton have spent two years building themselves into a team that could achieve mediocrity for some time to come

  • Crazy BomberCrazy Bomber I suppose I'll be taking that Milk-steak to go
    edited January 3
    Used to write some huge reviews with All Black back in the day.

    The backline is weak, but not just weak it's embarrassing. Frost slots immediately into the fullback position, a good move for both him and Brisbane as they sorely needed a key back and he was in and out of the side at Collingwood. Harwood is one of the few that moved from fringe to regular in the last few years but has struggled for games and continuity so they need him to help lead down back, injuries keep killing his seasons just as they begin as they lack experience elewhere. Other than that they are playing with bare bones, Sauce Merrett retired but he went 2 years longer due than he should have due to any lack of decent replacements, Hanley is gone and Rich is needed more in the midfield leaving few experienced hands down back. Andrews looks promising & Cutler will get games but neither are nothing but raw talent at this stage. Gardiner should slot straight in as a close checking defender as he did well enough considering he didn't have much of a pre-season last year and McStay is another who should be getting a lot of game time, basically battling opposition forwards the best they can. One that should be much better this year is Paparone, he went from good rebounding defender in 2015 to down on possessions and struggling for games and when he did he was dropped the next week. Berry looks like a draftee that will get plenty of opportunities too and should find a spot down back with ease with little competition. You can throw a rather large towel over the rest of the names as they'll be either being gifted games or relying on young 20-21 year olds to do the job. 1/10

    Midfield has cause for optimism and will surely be better and keep them in some games. Despite the criticism Rockliff was at times their only midfielder and deserves a copout at what must be almost a hopeless situation, he regularly gathers 35+ possessions and is their best midfielder despite poor efficiency. Beams will take the mantle as best midfielder if he can return from injury, clearly their best player and capable of swinging matches, he's their best bet to climb from the bottom few but a lot relies on if he can stay on the park. Zorko is a playmaker and helped them win a few games last year but he's still capable of another gear, it's a shame he can't be at his best more often because he can kick goals and play midfield with the best of them. Robinson is a hardened foot soldier and plays above himself often but his experienced body is what Brisbane crave and he'll be vital until the other kids come on. They do have a promising bunch of young midfielders thanks to a good few drafts, Matheison looks like a Selwood clone and McCluggage you just know will be gathering a ton of touches each week. Throw those two in with Rockliff, Beams, Zorko, Rich, Robinson & Martin in the ruck and they'll win a few games and upset a few others. They also have Bastinac who tries hard but won't ever be a star, much in the same mold as Bird for us whilst Bell can play some midfield minutes. The others aren't much chop, guys like Keays, Jansen, Claye Beams and Bewick or even Barrett all need to step up if they're to go anywhere whilst Archie Smith in the ruck looks a player but must wait behind Martin for more opportunities. 6/10

    Forwardline is full of unrealized potential and raw players. Schache is the one they will build around, but for now must be content with a few bags when he can get them. Christensen is talented abet inconsistent and needs to bridge that gap, whilst Lewis Taylor has had a poor few years after magnificent first season, you feel he's been overawed by the huge task each week. Josh Walker was a useful pickup and again will be needed to carry the experience up forward, you forget he's only 24 still and not 30. Otherwise options look bare, Close and Freeman are both raw and both missed huge chunks last year and both need a few years to develop. Hipwood is someone that came onto the scene late and look promising so it'll be an interesting race between all these youthful raw talls so Brisbane badly need one or two to come on with Schache. 3/10

    Predicted Finish: Wooden Spoon
    - Their midfield will help them sneak some wins but they're at least another 2 years away from getting away from the bottom 4.
  • Houli DooliHouli Dooli Half Forward Flanker
    edited January 3
    Best 22
    B: Gardiner Frost Paparone
    Hb: Berry Andrews Harwood
    C: McLuggage Rockliff Rich
    Hf: Christensen Hipwood keays
    F: Walker Schache Taylor
    R: Martin Beams Zorko
    Int:Robinson, Mathieson Witherden, McStay,

    Agree with observations above. Midfield is decent at the top end with Beams Zorko, Rockliff and Rich, plus young kids - antler luggage, shot gun and keys have shown some potential. Forwardline has Talent with the young kids, Backline is woeful. Its a bit sad to think a first year player will strengthen it, but Berry will and witherden may get games if overcomes leg injury and bulks up a bit.

    I would expect them to sneak 4 wins, will be bottom four most likely last if depth is tested.
  • AllblackAllblack Voice of Reason
    Nice work thanks guys
  • Captain JackCaptain Jack Long - Range Bomber
    SMJ said:


    Concur (well l had to agree with you one time). They are a rabble, not helped at all by their set up, which going on the words of Looney is about the worst in the league. No wonder they lose players so easily. Unless they can take a few giant strides in that area, they will not improve much on field. McLuggage must be pissed we didn't take him in the draft. He will be thrown in at the deep end, and while he looks like he will swim before he sinks, his task will be enormous.

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