The continuing death of journalism



  • sorfed said:

    Just clicked back on to the article "Shameful hounding of James Hird has taken a terrible toll, says Graham Cornes"
    Surprisingly all the comments (most of them none too flattering) have disappeared.

    Comments....blackboard for the unwashed more like it.

    Herald Sun has a nice article on Kobe Mutch today. "Bomber champion guiding Mutch" A story about Kobe being mentored by Jobe. How'd do you think the comments would go on that story. Of what purpose would be to make the comments box open for such a small story on a late draft pick?

    It's obviously these online news organisations selectively open comment boxes on stories they want to stir up trouble and close them on stories they are compelled to report on yet want to go negative stories on the Murdochs. Ever seen a comment box open on a Murdoch story?
  • Ahhh comments up and running for the Alan Hird story on the rAge site. Why? So the bullys and AFL PR machine can get a mouth piece while hiding in their anonymity.

    Who'd admit being a "journalist" or work in "news" these days eh? May as well tell people you're a convicted con man. Less shame in that.
  • "The reason Sasha Obama missed her father's final speech as President"

    "The real reason Sasha Obama missed her father's final speech as President"

    I saw this on the tv news tonight. She missed cause she had exams the next day. Crazy headlines though. They aren't even hiding clickbait.
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