Season 2016 - Carlton

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Coach – Brendon Bolton

Points For – 18th
Points Against – 18th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

1. Patrick Cripps
2. Marc Murphy
3. Zach Touhy
4. Tom Bell
5. Ed Curnow

2015 Rising Star Noms

Patrick Cripps (Round 4)

Ins – Sam Kerridge, Jed Lamb, Andrew Phillips, Lachlan Plowman, Liam Sumner, Michael Korchek (r), Jacob Weitering, Harry McKay, Charlie Curnow, David Cuningham, Jack Silvagni, Jesse Glass-McKasker (r), Andrew Galluci (r)

Outs – Tom Bell, Andrew Carazzo, David Ellard, Cameron Giles, Lachlan Henderson, Nick Holman, Chris Judd, Troy Menzel, Robert Warnock, Matthew Watson, Chris Yarran, Tom Fields, Blaine Johnson, Fraser Russell, Bradley Walsh.

My Prediction

What do you say about the worst scoring and worst defending team in the AFL? Thank god it’s not us and thank god it is Carlton. Even better, things are looking like they may stay that way for a while as well.

They have brought the prodigal son home to handle their list movements and the first thing he has done is go and get a whole bunch of stuff that GWS no longer wanted. Clever enough to get a high pick in with it but mostly it looks like charity as they fill their list with filler.

They have lost three of their most skilful players with Judd, Yarran and Menzel all leaving. They have lost probably their best Key position player with Henderson leaving. It looks like they have cleaned out their list to start again and it is hard to remember a team who have done that and had success in the past. They have found a beauty in Cripps and held onto Kreuzer courtesy of no one else wanting to take a punt on his beat up body.

There is a frightening lack of top end talent in this team and they would have to be near unbackable for the wooden spoon again this year. They had a good draft for talls and will see the benefits of that in a few years’ time if they can keep the talent they do have for that long.

Wooden spoon by a mile and despite everything we Bombers fans have been through over the past three years, thank god that Carlton are still worse. Fark Carlton.


  • David J RichardsonDavid J Richardson Relevant Avatar King
    P.S. Fark Carlton.
  • DeckhamDeckham Going down swinging
    Who gives a fark
  • Blummers32Blummers32 Take my advice — I'm not using it
    Cannot see them winning a game this season.
    Doesn't mean they won't (I'm sure they'll surprise someone somewhere).

    I don't even think they've drafted well by any means.

    Who are their forward targets to worry defenders? Casbault? Curnow? Jones? An aging Walker?

    Who are their defenders that will worry forwards? Jamison? Rowe? White? Plowman? Weitering? Docherty and Tuohy are their most consistent performers but aren't exactly feared.
    Plowman and Weitering are a few years away from performing on a consistent basis.

    Their midfield used to be a strength, but that was mainly on the back of Judd taking on taggers and freeing others up to play their game. A lot rests on Cripps and I wouldn't be surprised if he stagnates under the pressure of being the only hard ball winner at the club. Murphy, Thomas, Gibbs and Everitt aren't going to win contests often.

    This team is five years away from even competing for a spot in the 8. That's not Mick Malthouse's fault solely, but he was never really in sync with others in the club and it never seemed like they drafted or traded for players that would work within Mick's system (Thomas is the only one). It seemed to me that they just tried to get players and hope Mick would mould them and get the most out of them.

    This club has drafted and traded poorly for the last five years and it's current predicament and list shows it.

    I'd be shocked if they didn't finish last on the ladder.
  • True_Value_BlitzerTrue_Value_Blitzer Irrelevant. Always
    Pls change thread name to LOL
  • Every team manages to eke out a win - Think 1964 was the last time a team went winless.
  • bugman5bugman5 Feel the sarcasm
    Fark Carlton. Hope they take another spoon and fold.
  • Watch for them to tank and continue to ask the afl for a handout, leg up and
  • BLOODSTAINED DEVILSBLOODSTAINED DEVILS Senior Player / Devils Advocate. - "Only The Truth Will Set Us Truly Free"
    Bolton to a brand new spoon ...
  • Houli DooliHouli Dooli Half Forward Flanker
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    Think they may pinch a win against the dees, or a injury ravaged team.

    Tough ask for bolton to finish higher than last with the list changes.

    Best 22. A bit of guesswork here

    B Tuohy jamison jacksch
    Hb Simpson Rowe Docherty
    C Kerridge Murphy Thomas
    Hf Silvagni C Curnow Walker
    F Lamb Casbault Wright
    R kreuzer cripps Gibbs
    Int Everitt, Boekherst, E curnow, Smith

    Emg weitering, McKay, Plowman

    They have a fair but of choice with young kpp depth- weitering, mckay, plowman, silvagni, jacksch curnow, but it will take time.

    Lack of depth if traded in players who struggled for consistent game time at old ckub walk into best 22 like kerridge, wright, lamb.

  • rossonerirossoneri #standbynickyd
    They'll win 2-3 matches next season, just hoping one of them isn't against us
  • alex.f.94alex.f.94 ONE WAY TICKET.
    stop kidding yourself, theyll beat us
  • Humble MinionHumble Minion Scar tissue that walks like a man
    it's actually quite unusual that a club announces so unambigously their intention to tank so long before the opening of the new season.

    I mean, they retire a bunch of mids, then the trade in a few talls and then spend almost all their draft picks on talls, none of who will be major contributors next year. And to top it all off, they actually had the brass face to ask for a priority pick THIS year, after being finalists in 2014. Their entire 2016 strategy transparently revolves around sucking, and hoping that last year's priority pick bid laid sufficient groundwork for them to get one this year.

    Carlton culture. Gotta love that it's them that has it.
  • DellDell Formerly Peeto
    It's difficult to see a game where they'll win
  • Azza78Azza78 He's big, he's red, his feet hang off the bed!
    **** of a club.
    Supporters are ****.
    They can get ****.
  • I think I will make a point to get along to the away game vs fark carlton this year

    Nothing beats turning to them and smirking as they file out at 3/4 time
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    Fark carlton
  • If they are in the bottom 4 for the next 5 years (quite possible), and win maybe 3 of those 5 wooden spoons (very realistic), do you think the general footy public will show them much sympathy? Doubt it. Will the Essendon public show them much sympathy? Absofarkinglutely not! Fark them.
  • Sameolds2010Sameolds2010 Everything is awesome
    If this is going to turn into another **** Carlton thread........

    There should be more if it.
    **** them. With a bee filled pineapple.
  • Bombers08Bombers08 On the Gleeson Bandwagon!
    alex.f.94 said:

    stop kidding yourself, theyll beat us

    Haven't beaten us since 2012 but yeah can see your point...
  • IceTempleIceTemple Always Elite
    edited January 2016
    alex.f.94 said:

    stop kidding yourself, theyll beat us

    Why do you say that, they haven't beaten us in a while?

    EDIT: oops just saw Bombers08 response, same as mine.
  • Il still laughing at the Mick Malthouse appointment and debacle, let alone the sad state of their list.

    Draft picks better get the right development this time!
  • FTWinderlichFTWinderlich ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Will be shitting themselves playing us!
  • so we have had our share of busted up has beens of late but at least we aren't paying them 700k
  • rossonerirossoneri #standbynickyd
    ivan said:

    so we have had our share of busted up has beens of late but at least we aren't paying them 700k

    Still paying Looney around $400k wouldn't we?
  • so Mayo's farkcarlton best 22 had Jameson, white, Gorringe and charlie curnow on the bench. These guys get paid to write about football, incredible.
  • Houli DooliHouli Dooli Half Forward Flanker
    SEN Poll today had Carlton to win spoon at 60-70% versus Essendon 30-40% .
    Funny even with topups the general public still think Carlton are worse.
  • FARK CARLTON. irrelevant, bottom feeding, douche canoes
  • FARK CARLTON. irrelevant, bottom feeding, douche canoes

    Actually laughed out loud at this
  • wasaharvsfanasakidwasaharvsfanasakid NSW Bomber
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    Last years work Xmas party on Sydney Harbour my boss booked Dave Highes to come on board as MC
    He was pretty funny and in his defence rather gracious when he accepted a custom CFC wooden spoon that I'd made for him
    See attached pic link below when I gave it to him
    We had a brief and honest chat about footy which we both agreed that at least the Bombers had a very good reason for being crap
    I wasn't sure where to post this pic in this or the Fark carlton thread so maybe I'll put in both

  • IceTempleIceTemple Always Elite
    Seems Bolton is quite serious about dealing with lazy footballers. Aside from the HScums rage aginst nothing, it is not a good sign to see them dealing with that stuff, we want them fat and lazy and near the bottom forever.

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